Friday, May 14, 2010

Sky Blue Hue

Turquoise! The ocean-like color is huge for spring. It brightens up any outfit. I was recently given a turquoise bracelet set as a gift (pictures will be up later, since i'm competing in a 2 mile race tomorrow!) I was inspired to dedicate a day to this color after looking through Thai designer Thakoon Panichgul's Spring 2010 collection. I absolutely love Thakoon!
photos from and respectively

Statement Floral Stretch Bracelet

in turquoise/purple/white



Blu Bijoux Pearls and Turquoise Cuff




Anonymous said...

dude i found out that if you add a little touch of coral to the turquoise, it makes a perfect summer look!

OMG just checked out thakoon and i'm lovin their clothes....but why are there only stores in NY and Tokyo?!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the bracelets
love your blog, thanks for sharing!
and thanks for the sweet comments


189m said...

love the first bracelet and the previous "Kashmiri Floral Bangles". nice blog xx